Hyperhealth Pro
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The World's Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health.

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Hyperhealth Pro Description

The World's Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health. Hyperhealth is the definite database for natural medicine. Based on published scientific research Hyperhealth is the most credible and trusted content used by Health Conscious Consumers, Natural Food Retailers, Researchers, Physicians and Health Care Professionals Worldwide.

Using Hyperhealth
Hyperhealth requires very Little learning. If you are already familiar with the Windows Help system, you will be able to navigate Hyperhealth using many of the same Windows protocols as other Windows Help applications. All of the normal protocols regarding Hotspots (underlined text) apply to Hyperhealth.

Hyperhealth Main Window
The Hyperhealth Main Window is where the information about each Hyperhealth Topic is displayed. You can move (scroll) within each topic by using the mouse or by using the standard page movement keys (i.e. home, end, page up, page down).

Hyperhealth Topics Window
The Hyperhealth Topics window provides a graphical, hierarchical structure for Hyperhealth's topics. It presents the topics and sub-topics of Hyperhealth in a treelike configuration. You can open and close parent topics by clicking on them with your left mouse button. This screen makes it easy for you to know where you are within Hyperhealth and how to get to the topics that you need.

When conducting searches you can use the Contents tab to find a specific topic. Or use the Find tab to type in your search word, click result and you'll find every topic in Hyperhealth that makes any mention of that given word. Use Hyperhealth's Index function, this feature of Hyperhealth caters for every known spelling/synonym for every Hyperhealth topic. Hyperhealth's search window will try to find the word as you are typing.

The Topic window normally appears to the right of the main window and can be expanded or collapsed at any time during your Hyperhealth session.

Hyperhealth Pro Screenshots

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What's New in Hyperhealth Pro 8.0

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Hyperhealth Pro Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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